Bullying – How to Recognize it – How to Stop it

Bullying –

How to Recognize it –

How to Stop it

 Bullying is a very Real & Common Occurrence for kids in schools.


The worst part is – parents don’t even take the time to consider that some behaviour changes in their children have to do with the fact that their child is being picked on, beaten up, coerced into doing things they don’t want to do – and much more.

Another sad fact is – now that technology is so prevalent – Cyber-bullying has taken on an even larger part of bullying than ever before.

 I’ve posted a link to Sandeelee.blogs.com so you and your kids can take a look and see if there is something you can find in there to help your situation.

Take the time to Read through her Blog.   More links will be posted as I come across them.

The worst part is when you see your bubbly enthusiastic child  take a turn and become withdrawn and isolated.  So many parents and (so-called expert doctors) blame this on ‘depression’.

WTF – if your kid is being punched, abused, and picked-on on a daily basis, what do you think is going to happen.  Their behaviour (and yours) would change too!

Resolve the problem (bullying) and you can Resuscitate the life that is left in your child.  Give them the helping hand they need.



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